Vulcan currently owns the north and south parcels at the intersection of 23rd and Jackson.
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At this time, we plan to continue to operate the north parcel, where Starbucks and Walgreens are located, as-is for the foreseeable future. The south parcel, where Red Apple is located, is scheduled for redevelopment, which will likely begin in early 2018. Feedback we received from the community has been incorporated into our designs. The project is envisioned as a vibrant, community-oriented mixed-use development that reflects the Central Area’s unique heritage and culture, offering approximately 530 residential apartment homes for a variety of income levels, approximately 38,500 square feet of retail space for micro, small and medium-sized local shops and services, a grocery store and a landscaped plaza, mid-block connection and community room that can be reserved by the public.
  • 530 residential units (including ~106 units of affordable housing for household incomes at 65% to 85% AMI)
  • 38,500 square feet of retail space
  • Community room available to the public for meetings and celebrations
  • Generous public spaces including a 12,000-square-foot public plaza with room for micro-retailers
  • North-south cross-block connection
  • Average 8’ setback along 23rd Ave
  • 20’ setback along east property border
  • 5- to 7-stories; 65’ height limit per zoning
  • Early 2018 earliest redevelopment would begin
  • 2 ½ year construction time
  • Increased housing for nearly 1,000 residents which will add tremendous vibrancy to the intersection
  • Approximately 106 units of affordable housing for household incomes at 65% to 85% average median income
  • A community room that can be reserved and used by community members for meetings and celebrations
  • A thru-block connection
  • A large pedestrian plaza with opportunities for programming
  • Microbusiness spaces and kiosks to provide affordable retail options to local businesses
  • Public art by local artists
  • Architecture that incorporates the African-American cultural legacy in the Central Area
  • An environmentally sustainable project
  • Apprenticeship opportunities through our partnership with programs like the Seattle Vocational Institute
  • Opportunities for women and minority owned enterprises on the project for trades such as trucking, framing, and electrical
  • The project will require 70 to 80 subcontractors
  • Jobs for 800 to 1,200 contracted personnel (site and office)
  • 425,000 to 450,000 man-hours to construct
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