Last month, the final piece of commissioned work for the Jackson Apartments art collection was installed in the complex’s public plaza and is now on display for all to enjoy. Created by artist Paul Rucker, a long-time resident of the Central Area and multimedia visual artist, composer and musician, the 12-foot-wide black granite vinyl 78rpm record and record player is titled “78”. The installation commemorates a special piece of the Central Area’s history: its jazz scene. Pedestrians and residents can learn about the region’s legendary jazz scene while sitting on a tonearm bench or taking a “rubbing” of one the names of 78 musicians and venues written along the record’s spiral that contributed to Seattle’s Jackson Street jazz scene.

The Jackson Apartments art collection would not be possible without the collaboration of talented artists and input from the community. Each piece within the collection illustrates a different aspect of the neighborhood’s history and vibrant culture that has been cultivated over generations.

“More than selecting any one medium or idea, our goal was to choose artists with a powerful perspective on the Central Area, its history, and the continued vibrancy of one of Seattle’s most historic neighborhoods,” said Greg Bell, Vulcan Inc.’s chief curator. “We believe the resulting artwork will help create a space that is welcoming to all.”

Come see “78” at the Jackson Apartments or visit our virtual art walk to learn more about Paul Rucker’s creative process and experience the piece through photos and video.
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