Hello 23rd and Jackson neighbors,

While you likely noticed and may have wondered what was taking place at 2301 and 2309 South Jackson Street over the last few days, the Seattle Fire Department successfully conducted Operations Training exercises on the SE corner parcel of Vulcan Real Estate’s property, ahead of its demolition.

The exercises began on Friday, January 26, and officially wrapped up today, Monday, January 29. The fire department did not start any live fires, but had the opportunity to practice response readiness with roughly 300 firefighters on the site, totaling almost 700 hours of training.

These trainings are crucial for the education and skill enhancement of firefighters, and Vulcan was pleased to offer space for such purposes.

If you have any questions about the trainings, you can contact Seattle Fire Department’s Public Information Office at 206-386-1679.

Sending support and gratitude to our Seattle Firefighters for keeping our community safe!