Beginning in Oct. 2017, Clean Greens is bringing its produce stand to the northeast corner of 23rd and Jackson (where Starbucks and Walgreens are located) in the Central Area. The stand will operate weekly on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

Clean Greens, a nonprofit organization owned and operated by residents of Seattle's Central District, will be offering fresh, seasonal, local and organic produce at reasonable prices.

They accept EBT, Visa, MasterCard, and cash, and (depending on what is harvest during a given week) will sell: collard greens, bok choy, green beans, spinach, squash, onions, garlic, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celery, leeks, kohlrabi, peas, potatoes, radishes, mustard greens, herbs, southern peas, tomatillos, turnips, cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, pumpkins, kale, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, sweet corn, peppers, rutabaga, cabbage, beets, zucchini, gourds and yams.
We hope to see you there!

To complement Clean Greens, Walgreens’ selection of everyday essentials includes milk (including soy and almond), eggs, frozen meats, bacon, butter, cooking oil, juices, cereal, pasta and sauce, rice, canned soups, coffee and more.