After graduating from high school in 2006, Seattle native Michael Collins began working as a security guard. Several years later, he decided to take a leap and launch his very own security service. Just this year, the company he founded – Capital Security – was hired by Vulcan Real Estate to provide security services at the Promenade 23 shopping center – part of its commitment to investing in local women- and minority-owned businesses.

We recently visited with Michael to learn more about his background and his company’s role at 23rd and Jackson.

Can you tell us about Capital Security?

Capital Security LLC was founded in 2009. We provide security guard services and we are located in Seattle.

We hear you have roots in the Central Area. Can you tell us a little more about that?

My family has lived in Seattle for decades. My Grandfather, Buddy Catlett, was a childhood friend of Quincy Jones and a well-known American-Jazz musician. He had strong ties to the Central District and went to Garfield High School. I grew up in South Seattle, but attended Washington Middle School and Franklin High School.  

Would you like to share any thoughts about Vulcan’s 23rd and Jackson project?

I am hopeful that this project will provide our community with positive opportunities as well as preserve some of the CD’s character. I’m happy that they will dedicate a certain amount of the new development to affordable housing, which will lessen the displacement of long-time residents and cultivate diversity.