In hundreds of discussions before and throughout the development process for the Jackson Apartments, the Central Area community made one thing clear: they wanted to see the neighborhood’s culture and history reflected in the project. Vulcan Real Estate responded to this need with enthusiasm and enlisted the help of Leilani Lewis, a local arts advocate and Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Advancement at University of Washington, to collaborate with Vulcan Inc.’s Chief Curator Greg Bell on ways to incorporate artistic elements into the project that memorialized the neighborhood’s rich cultural legacy.  

“From the beginning, there was a clear vision for bringing artwork into the space that was rooted in black history and the rich culture of the neighborhood,” said Leilani Lewis, art consultant for the project.  

The months-long curation, creation and installation process is now complete. The art program at the Jackson Apartments consists of two sculpture pieces and seven panels accessible to the public, three installations exclusive to apartment residents (but featured on the virtual tour) and one mural in the retail garage; all of which capture the spirit of and add perspective to one of Seattle’s most historic neighborhoods.  

We are proud to present this collection virtually to the Central Area’s extended community. This virtual art walk features interactive content for “tour-goers” to get to know the artists and their motivations behind the works they’ve created. The website includes interviews with all 14 artists and members of the community. Each virtual tour stop includes photos and video along with a description about each piece.
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