One of our goals for the Jackson Apartments development project at 23rd and Jackson is to be intentional about aligning project benefits with community priorities and needs. Vulcan’s inclusive development approach has led to a partnership with the Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle to promote job growth and opportunities in the area by recruiting individuals from Seattle’s underserved communities.

This partnership with Urban League—a nonprofit organization focused on the empowerment of underserved communities through educational and economic opportunities—can be traced back to Vulcan’s early and regular outreach with neighbors and listening to community input.

The program, inspired by the city’s Priority Hire Program, provides underrepresented communities and those from distressed zip codes with construction training on active jobsites. This training eventually leads to apprentices securing family-wage jobs with contractors and subcontractors while also promoting careers in the construction industry. Typically, the program would focus on public jobsites for the city and state. What makes the Vulcan-Urban League partnership unique is that the program is being implemented for the first time ever at a private development project.

“Our partnership with Vulcan Real Estate on the 23rd and Jackson project enables residents of economically distressed ZIP codes, women and people of color to have access and opportunity to succeed in family-wage construction careers. It’s increasingly important to continue to engage stakeholders and work with partner agencies to identify and address success strategies that continue to enable the expansion of these programs," said Michelle Merriweather, President and CEO at Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle. “We are proud to be a part of a partnership that supports and sustains minority job training and employment throughout the region.”

The 23rd and Jackson jobsite is piloting the program and has already placed three hires onto the project within the first two months. This program not only promotes construction jobs, but also helps those with barriers to employment to successfully enter the workforce and to work within a prospering, vibrant community.

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