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Vulcan currently owns the north and south parcels at the intersection of 23rd and Jackson.

For the foreseeable future we plan to continue to operate as-is the north parcel where Starbucks and Walgreens are located. The south parcel is is being redeveloped into a vibrant, community-oriented mixed-use development that reflects the Central Area’s unique heritage and culture. Vulcan broke ground on the project in early 2018 and construction completion is slated for summer 2020. We incorporated feedback from the community into our design which includes 532 residential apartment homes for a variety of income levels and nearly 44,000 square feet of retail space for a grocery store and micro-, small- and medium-sized local shops and services. The development also incorporates a large landscaped plaza, a mid-block connection and community amenities.

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We started our research by extensively studying the 23rd Avenue Action Plan and the Urban Design Framework, both produced by the city after months of community participation and input. To date, we have conducted more than 100 outreach meetings with the community including a Vulcan-hosted public open house where 120 community members provided input to our project team.

Based on specific community feedback, our design promotes community building through a large publicly accessible plaza on South Jackson Street, embraces sustainable design features and significantly improves pedestrian safety around the site. While not required by zoning, a 60-foot-wide landscaped pedestrian mid-block connection is a direct response to community feedback. The mid-block connection will run north to south through the property and further encourages community interaction.
Vulcan owns properties at the northeast and southeast corners of 23rd Avenue South and South Jackson Street. The south property will soon be redeveloped. The north property includes Starbucks, Walgreens, AutoZone and other retailers and there are no current plans to redevelop it.
We are planning to redevelop the south parcel with a mix of rental housing and retail space. There will be 532 residential units and 44,000 square feet of retail space. The north parcel retail center (Starbucks, Walgreens, etc.) has a number of long-term leases in place and we do not have redevelopment plans at this time.
Redevelopment of the south parcel began in early 2018. The duration of construction will be approximately two and a half years.
Yes. A request for proposals was sent to multiple grocers in May 2017. We are currently assessing these proposals to find the best fit for the neighborhood and will update the community as a decision nears.
Earlier this year, we invited the Central Area community to weigh in on the temporary grocery solutions they would like to see during the construction period. We are grateful to the 300-plus community members who weighed in.    

To help meet the community’s needs, Vulcan is partnering with Clean Greens for fresh organic produce at reasonable prices. Clean Greens is a nonprofit organization owned and operated by residents of Seattle's Central District.  

Clean Greens operates weekly on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. outside Walgreens at 23rd and Jackson. 

They accept EBT, Visa, MasterCard, and cash, and (depending on what is harvest during a given week) will sell: collard greens, bok choy, green beans, spinach, squash, onions, garlic, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celery, leeks, kohlrabi, peas, potatoes, radishes, mustard greens, herbs, southern peas, tomatillos, turnips, cantaloupe, watermelon, tomatoes, pumpkins, kale, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, sweet corn, peppers, rutabaga, cabbage, beets, zucchini, gourds and yams.

To complement Clean Greens, Walgreens’ selection of everyday essentials includes milk (including soy and almond), eggs, frozen meats, bacon, butter, cooking oil, juices, cereal, pasta and sauce, rice, canned soups, coffee and more.
Vulcan believes strongly in investing in local small businesses and ensuring that women- and minority businesses enterprises (WMBEs) have opportunities to work on our real estate development projects. With that goal in mind, we will require our contractors to promote and seek inclusion of WMBE contractors. We also ask our contractor to host pre-qualification workshops where WMBEs can ask questions and get help filling out the pre-qualification forms.

We will continue to work with groups such as Tabor 100, SBA, the Northwest Minority Business Council and National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) to increase awareness of opportunities to WMBEs. We also work with apprenticeship programs such as those at the Seattle Vocational Institute, ANEW, and Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle.
We will be developing both market-rate and affordable rental units through the city’s MFTE (multi-family tax exemption) program.

20 percent of the housing will be affordable to households earning 65 percent to 90 percent of Area Median Income. The income and rent limits can be found on the “Multi-family Property Tax Exemption Program” tab of the Seattle Office of Housing website.

The market will determine rental rates for the market-rate housing.
Yes. We will be working with the Historic Central Area Arts and Culture District to identify ways we can highlight local talent at our 23rd and Jackson development. Vulcan has a strong track record of supporting local artists and has commissioned more than 20 works of art that are now on display at its development projects. The art is created by local and regional artists who are given as much latitude as possible and encouraged to do important pieces that contribute to their body of work. In addition, each piece is designed to connect in to the site and reflect the history of the neighborhood.
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